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Lab Safety Resources

The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO), reminds researchers that UIC provides numerous laboratory safety resources for campus. EHSO recently purchased departmental licenses for MSDSonline, a database with millions of Safety Data Sheets (SDS). These new licenses streamline the process of populating your SDS ebinder, saving researchers time and effort. Contact for your department's login credentials.

EHSO has also created lab safety binders that include all the necessary lab safety documents for your lab. The purpose of the binders is to make accessing safety information convenient for everyone working in the lab. If you would like a lab safety binder, you can request a lab safety binder by sending an email to with a room location, PI, and mail code for the campus.

Hazard labeling is a commonly overlooked laboratory safety issue. In an effort to reduce this oversight, EHSO has created magnetic GHS hazard labels for chemical storage. Avoid the hassle of sticker removal and request hazard magnets for your lab.

Recently, EHSO created a laboratory safety checklist for new PIs. The list covers necessary safety equipment and lab documents needed for setting up a new lab on campus. You can access it here. If researchers would like a consultation from an EHSO Lab Safety Advisor, you may request one via

Whether downloading electronic documents or searching for hazard information, EHSO is your one-stop for safety related information. With EHSO, you have access to Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Templates, Chemical Safety Fact Sheets, Hazard Assessment Tools, Manuals, and much more.


EHSO reminds all researchers that the following documents are required for each lab group:

Additional laboratory documents that may be needed for each lab:

All laboratories must have the following signs posted:

For more information on lab safety contact EHSO at or call 312-413-3387.