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Week of Jan. 17, 2017

DOJ's CPD report
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Among the key critiques from the Department of Justice's report on the Chicago Police Department were deficiencies in training and the deterioration police-community trust. The Center for Public Safety and Justice at UIC offers training, technical assistance and research related to procedural justice principles, as well as relationship building and reconciliation between police organizations and the communities they serve. Juliana Stratton, director, and Jason Stamps, associate director, can comment.

Early drinking
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Young people under the legal drinking age are more likely to start drinking early and, in particular, to engage in binge drinking (defined as consuming four or more drinks within two hours for women, and five or more drinks for men) when they are more exposed to alcohol marketing, according to a new analysis of 12 long-term studies. Colleen Corte, associate professor of health systems science in the College of Nursing, can discuss.

Contact Brian Flood: (312) 996-7681 /

In a new report issued by UIC's Great Cities Institute, researchers investigated several factors -- physical, student, geographic, political and neighborhood demographics -- that led to the closure of public schools in Chicago between 2000 and 2013. The findings reveal that building utilization and student performance were predictors of these closures, but so was the race of students in each school. Report co-author Rachel Weber, UIC professor of urban planning and policy and a faculty fellow at the institute, can comment. 

23, Monday | Free | Call: (312) 413-3780

Panel discussion on issues related to constitutional and legal limits of proposed changes, immigration, and effects of social movements. Participants are Evan McKenzie, UIC professor and head of political science; Amalia Pallares, UIC professor of Latin American and Latino studies and political science; and Dick Simpson, UIC professor of political science. 11 - 11:50 a.m. Student Center East, Room 302, 750 S. Halsted St.