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April 21, 2021

 In the picture: Colosseum (left), LCLC tutors Chantelle (center), and Alex (bottom left); images from LCLC Peer Tutoring Instagram (right)
 In the picture: Colosseum (left), LCLC tutors Chantelle (center), and Alex (bottom left); images from LCLC Peer Tutoring Instagram (right)

Dear UIC Language Student: 

Do you have an oral exam or video chat coming up?  Peer tutors can help with that AND with online homework.  Here’s our schedule for Spanish, French, Italian, and German: drop in, no appointment needed, and all online.

Need a study break?  Take a few minutes to browse LCLC Peer Tutoring Instagram--it’s all in English, but the topics are about French rappers, German artists, study tips, and how to order a real latte in Italy.

Spezi!  Never heard of this popular German carbonated drink, a mix of orange Fanta and Coca? Emma tells you all about it in her blog.

Finishing 104? Become a peer tutor! Take the 1-credit Peer Tutoring Apprentice class in Fall 2021. Here’s the very short application (and see below for a short video of Alex talking about what inspired her to become a peer tutor)

What languages do you speak and learn? Put yourself on the LCLC UIC Language Map with this very short form. Our map celebrates the linguistic richness of the UIC community, and you can watch it grow day by day as students, faculty, and staff represent the many languages of UIC.

Questions about peer tutoring? Great, contact us at, and visit our website for more info.


Here’s the news from our undergraduate peer tutors:


LCLC German Tutor Alex on What Inspired Her to Become a Peer Tutor

Chantelle, French Tutor 
Meet Chantelle, one of our French peer tutors!

“Hello there! I transferred in from Harold Washington community college. I am like you, a student taking French courses at UIC. I am pursuing a psychology degree and a minor in French. I started at the 100-level at UIC and have advanced from there. I have been in your shoes! When I was in French 104, I used to come to LCLC Peer tutoring twice, sometimes three times a week, and I improved dramatically. I look forward to sharing my learned tips in your French pursuits!"

 Colosseum, Rome
4-12-2021: Sofiya's First Trip to Italy

Gelato– Italian ice cream– is the second best part of the trip, especially lemon ice cream. It was pretty cheap and available every couple of feet. I hope that everyone can experience an Italian summer at least once, and see all the beautiful sights of Venice.

Click here to read Sofiya's full post and check out posts from other tutors!

Marie de France 
Click the image to view the post on our IG page! 
Marie de France

Like a little mystery with your Arthurian mythology? Then Marie de France is the author for you! Practically every detail known about her is hotly debated, as every fact about her is either taken or inferred from her writing or the writing of a few contemporaries. Even her name is a guess, taken from a line in the epilogue of one of her fables. However, she is widely believed to be the earliest known French woman poet, writing in Francien, an early dialect of French. She is perhaps most famous for her Lais, twelve short narrative poems that are thought to have formed the basis for the genre later known as Breton lais. These lais, and her stories, generally glorified the ideals of courtly love. They used lyrical, descriptive language to celebrate love through the adventures of their characters. One of Marie de France’s most well-known llais, “Lanval,” takes place at the Arthurian court and tells the tale of the love between Lanval and his fairy lady.

Want to read Lanval and some of Marie de France’s other lais? You can find more information about her and her writing here, as well as links to digitized manuscripts! 



 Apply to be a peer tutor next semester
104-level langauge students: you are eligible!

104 students: Become a peer tutor! YOU will be a great language tutor at UIC if you:

  • love learning about language and culture in French, German, Italian, or Spanish
  • have ideas and strategies for succeeding in 100-level language classes at UIC
  • want to share your passion with your fellow UIC language students
  • want to build life and job skills

Apply to take the Peer Tutor Apprentice course (1 credit) in Fall 2021! Click the graphic and visit our website to find more info and an application form.



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