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UIC Energy Initiative Newsletter - July 2017

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Is transportation ready for the disruptive leap that is arising from electric vehicles, charging/electrical infrastructure, ride sharing, self-driving cars, and big data? 

The authors - George Crabtree, Elizabeth Kocs and Bryan Tillman - discuss how transportation will be transformed in the next two decades, in large part due to improved technology, both incrementally and disruptively, and at the same time, how cars and the business models that support them will evolve to meet the demands of future users. 

This work was partly supported as part of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR).





LAS 493 Energy Storage for the Grid & Transportation

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US 130 Principles of Urban Sustainability

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Elizabeth A. Kocs, PhD, Director of UIC Energy Initiative's Strategic Directions, discusses the status of CO2 capture’s role in cleaner energy future globally in recently published article in the European Physical Journal (EPJ) Web of Conferences, “The global carbon nation: Status of CO2 capture, storage and utilization.”

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In 2017, SISE will look to the future of transportation systems covering several trends, including:

Technological Advances - the changes leading us to Autonomous Electric Vehicles

Emerging Mobility Trends - ride sharing/Micro-Transit and other mobility solutions

Infrastructure Challenges - the power grid and its interaction with electric vehicles

Global and Local Impacts - the overarching picture

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In The Future, Your iPad Could Come From Geothermal:

3 Facts About Critical Materials

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Why Electric Cars Are Everywhere Except Here

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What Is The Future Of Microtransit In Chicago?

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December 2017 Grant Cycle

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