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Students safely greet each other.


Thank You

This year will not only be remembered for the many challenges we faced collectively and individually, but will also serve as an example of how we came together as a community in unprecedented times. Despite hardships, UIC continued serving its mission as a premier urban-serving, public, research institution; created new ways to educate students with excellence and support those facing distress; and cared for our communities with awe-inspiring leadership and diligence. To close the year, many of you helped us achieve a record-breaking #GivingTuesday.

We accomplished all of this together, while climbing in rankings, breaking enrollment records and putting the needs and aspirations of our students first. It wouldn’t be possible without the support you provided. And you provided it despite hardships you may have been facing.

Everything UIC accomplishes is built on the time, talent, advocacy and generosity of alumni, donors and friends like you. At the end of this remarkable year, we are especially grateful for all that you do for UIC. Thank you.


Tom Wamsley
Vice Chancellor for Advancement, UIC



The Power of Coming Together

Thank you to all who supported UIC last week and helped us break our #GivingTuesday records! More than 1,500 of you came #UICtogether to give $531,607 for UIC. Through the power of collective giving, the UIC community showed that together we can support our students, faculty and health care workers. Together, we can cure disease and fight for social justice. Together, we can transform lives.
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Top 30 Status

UIC continues to be recognized as one of the top research universities in the country. UIC ranked among the top 30 U.S. public universities in four subject areas—clinical and health, business and economics, psychology and social sciences in the 2021 edition of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. “The quality of our faculty is a key factor in these rankings,” said UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis.
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Making Their Mark

UIC alumni are addressing pressing challenges and strengthening communities. Two alumni, Ciere Boatright MUPP '16 and Rodrigo Garcia MBA '09 were included on Crain's Chicago Business "40 Under 40" list, which honors visionaries who have made their mark within their companies and communities. Boatright is vice president of real estate and inclusion for Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, a nonprofit community development organization in the Pullman neighborhood, and Garcia is the deputy state treasurer for the State of Illinois.
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Preparing for Future Pandemics

Our research teams are finding innovative solutions to vexing problems. Two UIC-led teams received funds from a $7.4 million grant to better understand COVID-19 transmission and prepare for future pandemics. One study focuses on wastewater surveillance which could give public health officials valuable time to protect communities from outbreaks, and the other investigates the efficacy of a novel self-testing approach and mobile health technology in underserved populations.
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Honoring Our Faculty

One way UIC empowers its faculty is through its University Scholars Program, now in its 35th year. Six UIC faculty members were honored for their superior research and teaching with awards from the University Scholars Program. This year's honorees include Anna Roosevelt, Fabricio Balcazar, Peter Nelson, Rashid Ansari, Subhash Pandey and Sandy Wayne. The award provides $15,000 a year for three years.
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Maximum Benefits

Making wise financial decisions is always important. However, even more thought is required when considering charitable giving in times like these. In establishing the William R. Gosse Scholarship Fund by naming the University of Illinois Foundation as a beneficiary of his IRA, Bill Gosse BS '80 learned that using his beneficiary designation to create an endowment allowed him to fund a scholarship that will transform lives in perpetuity and allow him to continue to enjoy income from his IRA during his lifetime. Making a "wise gift" includes maximum benefits to the charity and to the donor.
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Reynolds' Gift Supports Future PhD Candidates

Former UIC administrator and faculty member W. Ann Reynolds along with her alumna daughter, Rachel Reynolds MA '97, PhD '02, gave $1 million to support UIC graduate students studying English. The W. Ann and Rachel Reynolds Dissertation Fund is intended to inspire promising students to overcome obstacles to the successful and timely completion of their dissertations. Gifts like this have tremendous impact, unleashing the potential of our highly motivated students.
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First Thoma Scholar in Art of the Spanish Americas

Professor Emmanuel Ortega has been named the first Marilynn Thoma Scholar in Art of the Spanish Americas at UIC's College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts (CADA). The Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation's generous gift creates a clinical appointment in the field of Art of the Spanish Americas at CADA’s School of Art and Art History and distinguishes UIC as the only PhD-granting department of art history in Chicago with a specialist in this area. A gift to UIC is an investment in enterprising faculty like Ortega who aspire and achieve.
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