Happy last week of classes! See you in Fall 2021!
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April 28, 2021

 News from LCLC Peer Tutoring Spring 2021
 In the picture: LCLC peer tutors Sofiya (left), Mary (bottom left), Paola (right), and Megan (bottom right); Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina (center)

Dear UIC Language Student: 

Whoo hoo, last week of classes! Still time to visit a peer tutor (until Friday 5:00 pm) and to become a peer tutor in Fall 2021!

Finishing 104? Become a peer tutor! Take the 1-credit Peer Tutoring Apprentice class in Fall 2021. Here’s the very short application (and see below for a short video of Abdallah talking about how being a peer tutor makes him a stronger candidate for the job he wants).

Punjabi? Igbo? Bulgarian? Do you speak another language? Put yourself on the LCLC UIC Language Map with this very short form. Our map celebrates the linguistic richness of the UIC community, and you can watch it grow day by day as students, faculty, and staff represent the many languages of UIC.

Questions about peer tutoring? Great, contact us at language-peer-tutors@uic.edu, and visit our website for more info.

We’ll see you all in August 2021, when online language peer tutoring in Spanish, French, Italian, and German returns! In the meantime: bonnes vacances, buone vacanze, schöne Sommerferien, ¡felices vacaciones!


Here’s the news from our undergraduate peer tutors:


LCLC Spanish Tutor Abdallah on peer tutoring & professional development

Emma, German Peer Tutor 
Meet Emma, one of our German peer tutors!

Guten Tag! I am a Junior with a Germanic Studies major and an Art History minor. I am from Darien, IL, a suburb near Naperville. Being a commuter student as well as being a student in the Honors College, I understand what it’s like to have a packed schedule. However, German and language learning is one of the things that brings me joy. I started learning German in high school and have fallen in love with it since then. Having taken German at the 104 level at UIC, I’ve been able to learn many different ways to refine my German, such as tricks to keep track of the grammar rules and vocabulary. I look forward to sharing my tips with others as well as sharing the fun that German language learning can bring!

 Photos of Catedral Basilica de Zacatecas and Ruins of Chicomostoc at La Quemada Archeological site in Zacatecas
 In the picture: the Catedral Basilica de Zacatecas (top left) and photos from Valeria's 2019 trip to the Ruins of Chicomostoc at La Quemada Archeological site in Zacatecas
4.21.2021: Valeria writes about Zacatecas

“As a native to the state of Zacatecas, nothing makes me more proud than to see my beloved state and its cultural heritage and history be recognized at an international level. So I was really happy to hear that it was named American Capital of Culture 2021. The American Capital of Culture is a non-governmental organization recognized by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals and whose purpose is to bring to light the immense diversity of cultures and people’s customs throughout the American continent.”

Click here to read more about Valeria's travels in Zacatecas, and check out posts from other tutors!

Toucan language learning Google Chrome extension 
Click the image to view the post on our IG page! 

Hi everyone, I have a FREE and easy to use Chrome extension to help you with your language learning! Summer break is so close which means the spring semester is coming to an end. Unfortunately, that also most likely means no class and less language practice.

Luckily, I found this cool chrome extension called Toucan which can help you keep up with your language learning over the summer. Toucan will show you words and phrases in the language you are learning while you browse online. It will highlight the vocabulary word in your language of choice and provide you with the definition of the word in English, as well as how to pronounce the word.

Toucan is currently available in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, and Japanese (with more languages being created). I just downloaded Toucan and set my language to Portuguese (a language I have no background in) and I have learned 30 new words effortlessly! Toucan tracked my progress while I was online: when I felt like I learned a new word after seeing it in context a couple of times, I clicked the little check mark that appears with the highlighted word; when there were words I found difficult to remember, I “saved” them to my account. Toucan also showed me a progress report of how many new words I learned and how many I was exposed to.

- Mary 🐢

Check out Toucan here.

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 Apply to be a peer tutor next semester
104-level langauge students: you are eligible!

104 students: Become a peer tutor! YOU will be a great language tutor at UIC if you:

  • love learning about language and culture in French, German, Italian, or Spanish
  • have ideas and strategies for succeeding in 100-level language classes at UIC
  • want to share your passion with your fellow UIC language students
  • want to build life and job skills

Apply to take the Peer Tutor Apprentice course (1 credit) in Fall 2021! Click the graphic and visit our website to find more info and an application form.



Contact us on the Peer Tutoring Website or at our email: language-peer-tutors@uic.edu.

Tutors are looking forward to your visits!


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