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Ying Liu, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

University of Illinois at Chicago



Fluid-dynamic manufacturing of novel, polymeric particles (Toroidal Spiral Particles or “TSP”) that can be used as implantable carriers of drug cocktails and/or therapeutic cells will be presented.

The technology we have developed to generate TSPs is based on the self-assembly kinetics of drop sedimentation and interaction. During sedimentation in a miscible, viscous liquid, polymeric drops self-assemble into a reproducible toroidal-spiral shape, which could be solidified into solid particles by various means of polymer cross-linking. By integrating laboratory development with computer simulations in a mutually reinforcing fashion, a complete understanding of the competitive kinetics was achieved to determine optimal conditions of the experimental set up in relation to fine TSP structures.

TSPs can be used as versatile carriers to deliver a combination of therapeutic agents of different sizes and manipulate individual drug release to reach best drug synergy for the treatment of complex diseases. More specifically, one potential application of the TSPs as a post-surgical implant for synergistic release of antiVEGFR2 antibody and irinotecan for treatment of glioblastoma multiforme will be demonstrated. Moreover, TSPs could also be used to encapsulate therapeutic cells for cell protection, local stimulation, and release.


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