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Building Capacity
Robert A. Winn, MD photo 

The University of Illinois Cancer Center is pursuing designation from the National Cancer Institute, or NCI, one of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Robert Winn, Director of the UI Cancer Center and professor of medicine at the UIC College of Medicine, shares his perspective on the journey ahead and the many benefits a NCI designation will bring to students and faculty, campus wide. The Cancer Center includes researchers from 7 health science colleges and 30 departments at UIC.
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Helping Patients
Photo of Christine Adley 

Christine Adley lost her right leg and both breasts to cancer at an early age. Adley, 23, felt a small lump in her breast last year. Since she survived a rare cancer when she was two-years-old, she knew she needed to act quickly. The lumps were removed at UI Health. While there is no history of cancer in her family, a biopsy revealed Adley had stage two triple negative breast cancer.

After all she’s been through, how is Adley feeling today? “Happy, healthy and cancer free,” she said. Watch her story here

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Looking for a clinical trial?

Check out our open clinical trials

Innovative Survivorship Programs

We’ve teamed with Wellness House to offer Free Survivorship Programs to cancer patients and their families living on Chicago’s West and South Sides. Individuals now have access to free supportive therapy and survivorship programs close to home, thanks to a collaboration between Wellness House and the University of Illinois Cancer Center.

The programs, which are led by Wellness House staff and offered for the first time at a Federally Qualified Health Clinic (FQHC) in Chicago, include exercise and nutrition classes, stress management sessions, and support group and counseling opportunities.

Learn more about our Survivorship program here

Cancer Research Highlights
Jan Kitajewski, PhD photo 
$1.17 million Department of Defense grant to develop new therapy to treat triple-negative breast cancer

Can Jagged-1 – a protein found on breast cancer cells – be a new target to treat triple-negative breast cancer? Jan Kitajewski believes so.

Kitajewski, Ph.D., a University of Illinois Cancer Center member and professor and head of physiology and biophysics at UIC, has received a three-year $1.17 million Department of Defense grant to develop a new therapy to treat triple-negative breast cancer, so named because it does not contain three of the most common types of receptors that fuel most breast cancer growth – estrogen, progesterone and the HER-2/neu gene. Read more

Ian Papautsky, PhD photo 
New microfluidics device can detect cancer cells in blood

University of Illinois Cancer Center member Ian Papautsky and researchers at Queensland University of Technology of Australia have developed a device that can isolate individual cancer cells from patient blood samples. The microfluidic device works by separating the various cell types found in blood by their size.

The device may one day enable rapid, cheap liquid biopsies to help detect cancer and develop targeted treatment plans. The findings are reported in the journal Microsystems & Nanoengineering. Read more

Jeremy Johnson, PharmD, PhD and colleague holding a basket of mangosteen 
Southeast Asian Fruit May Cure Prostate Cancer

For generations, traditional healers in Southeast Asia have used the mangosteen fruit to treat skin infections, wounds, dysentery and urinary tract infections. Jeremy Johnson has identified phytochemicals in the fruit that can disrupt the function of the androgen receptor, a critical target in prostate cancer.

Johnson, PharmD, PhD, a University of Illinois Cancer Center member and associate professor of pharmacy practice in the UIC College of Pharmacy, has received a $1.7 million MERIT (Method to Extend Research in Time) Award from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to conduct his latest research. His laboratory is focused on evaluating promising phytochemicals or semi-synthetic derivatives for diseases not only for cancer, but other stomach inflammation maladies. Read more

Photo of Douglas Thomas in his laboratory 
Epigenetic pathways may lead Thomas to cancer cure

The path to discovering a cure for breast cancer is fraught with twists and turns, but Douglas Thomas believes he may be traveling on the right road.

Thomas, University of Illinois Cancer Center member and associate professor of medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy in the UIC College of Pharmacy, is working to identify epigenetic pathways that control specific phenotypes in cancer cells to learn how they become drug resistant, with the goal of testing drugs to target or reverse drug resistant phenotypes.
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Upcoming events. Join us!
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We have monthly seminars and events, so please visit our event calendar to check out what’s happening today.

Notable events

Dr. Gary Kruh Cancer Research Symposium and Student Poster Competition
April 17, 2019

Dr. Tapas Das Gupta Cancer Research Symposium
October 16, 2019

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