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For the week of April 1, 2019

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Peer Tutor Hard at Work

Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,

Last week the new LCLC French, Italian, and German tutors survived their first week of tutoring. A hearty welcome to them! We hope you continue to advertise peer tutoring and follow (and encourage others to follow) the tutors’ social media ventures, as they relate fun, idiomatic expressions all the way to news of upcoming cultural events that you won’t want to miss. The more public leverage, the more LCLC tutoring grows and the more it will serve UIC students!

As always, the LCLC is open to questions and concerns regarding the implementation of tech tools in your classes. Drop in with your questions and your ideas!

Do you have a project in mind but aren’t sure how to make it work? Is there a technology that you’d like to learn more about or possibly use in your course? The LCLC is here to help! We have tech tools for every kind of project - in any kind of class from beginning language to advanced graduate - and can help you find the best way to integrate them effectively and meaningfully into your teaching. Email us at with all your questions!

A teaching with technology tip of the week:

 Use Instagram as a Vocabularly Aggregator

Want your students to know how to say 'paperclip' in Korean? 'Squash' in German? Instagram is a fun and easy way to convey vocabulary and idiomatic expressions that students might not be exposed to in their classes. More and more, language professionals are using Instgram as a way to connect with learners remotely. Using photos, text, video, and story features, Instagram gives followers a 'real feel' for how language can be used in context. Beyond video, Instagram stories can feature polls, selective answers, or fill-in-the blanks that combine language learning with the forms of interaction students are accustomed to. 

Check out @whynotspanish for one of many examples of how Instagram can be used to connect learners with language through the everyday!

UIC LCLC social media! Encourage your students and colleagues to check out the UIC Language and Culture Learning Center Facebook page and Instagram and Twitter feeds. Stay up-to-date with LCLC happenings. Promoting our pages is a good way to ensure your students know about your conversation hour or film series.

No Workshop This Week!

Weekly events for you and your students in 308 Grant Hall, listed below and on our calendar: All events at the LCLC are free and open to students of all levels (and the whole UIC community). To request 308 for your cultural event, click here.


Please see for the most up-to-date schedule.

All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and practice their language skills.
All films are shown with English subtitles.

Click a flag to view event details including film titles and descriptions.


Chinese Conversation


Chinese Conversation


Russian Film


German Film

Starting 3/5

Spanish Conversation


German Conversation


Korean Conversation


Italian Conversation

Starting 1/30

Ancient World, Modern Media
Every other week


Korean Conversation


Japanese Conversation


French Conversation


Scroll down to see our featured Cultural Events in the Chicago area. If you know of an event you think would fit, please send it to us by 9AM on Friday mornings, and we'll include it in our Monday newsletter.

Visit us online:

To set up an individual appointment or suggest a workshop topic, contact us at

This Week's Featured Chicago-Area Cultural Event

 Cultural Appreciation: Cantonese Opera 文化欣赏: 粤曲演唱 - SATURDAY, April 6th, 10:15AM-1:00PM Come enjoy traditional Cantonese Opera performed by Zhaoqiu Chinese American ART Center at Chinatown on Saturdays. Cantonese Opera has been a popular form of drama and musical theatre in China, and has been reformed and continues to be performed today. The acting and singing techniques, as well as makeup conventions, owe much to southern China tradition.
Location: Chinatown, 2100 S. Wentworth Avenue Chicago IL 60616 
Click here for more information

Next Week's Featured Chicago-Area Cultural Event

 Chicago Latino Film Festival  - RUNS THROUGH THURSDAY, April 11. The Chicago Latino Film Festival is a U.S. film festival, focusing on Latin America and Latinos. It is organized by the International Latino Cultural Center and sponsored by a number of national corporations as well as by the local Hispanic and Latino community.
Fee: $10 with student ID
Location: The Chicago Latino Film Festival continues its connection to the community by partnering with educational institutions and organizations throughout the city. Click here for schedule and venues