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Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Chancellor Amiridis's message of hope and pride to nearly 6,000 graduates is as applicable today as it has been for generations: "I congratulate you on your many accomplishments. This milestone would not be possible without years of dedication, hard work, and family support needed to achieve a high level of academic success. On behalf of UIC and our diverse community of scholars, students and dedicated staff, thank you for the honor of having chosen this university as your home and for enriching us with your presence and your contributions." Read more.

Bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree recipients gathered for 14 commencement ceremonies that took place May 8-13. View photos.


Silver Circle Award winners - outstanding faculty selected by UIC's newest alumni -  gave graduates some lasting advice. Face the world and have courage | Brighten people’s lives, in whatever career you have chosen | Look until you find the space and the conditions under which you can thrive and you can make a difference | Keep searching, keep listening, stay furious, keep wanting more | Be humble in success and get up quickly in defeat | Just keep waking up and putting your shoes on — one day you’ll realize that you’re there | Face the world and have courage | Read more.

 cover of uic magazine

UIC Magazine is now online. Learn how the UIC Library is sparking a history renaissance through the Chicago Collections, a multi-institutional archive. Catch up with UIC alumni change makers who are making Illinois government more responsive to the needs of its people. Step inside the future of surgery through immersive touch utilizing 3-D modeling and virtual reality. See UIC's vision for our campus as laid out in the Master Plan. Read more.


Among UIC's nearly 6,000 2019 graduates are six inspiring individuals who have overcome adversity by igniting their passions. From an athlete fighting cancer while pursuing her nursing degree to a Black Tech Scholar who rose above his 1.1 high school GPA, these exceptional stories of success exemplify the determination and resilience thriving within the UIC community. Read more.


A graduating senior, a doctoral candidate and a former graduate student have been offered Fulbright grants for the 2019-2020 academic year. Melissa Hendrickson will study multilingualism and multiculturalism in Luxembourg, while newly-minted alumna Zuka’a Joudeh will begin a Fulbright English teaching assistantship in Germany. Frankee Lyons, a doctoral candidate in history, will conduct nine months of research in Warsaw, focusing on Jewish life in 1950s Poland. Read more.


A story of giving back and paying it forward began with a student encouraged by her mentor to pursue a career she loved. After becoming a successful practitioner, Velma Russ never forgot the role Beatrice Wade played in her formative years. At Miss Wade’s memorial service in 1995, Velma announced a fund in her mentor’s honor for an Occupational Therapy lecture series. Since Velma's passing, her family has established the Velma Russ Reichenbach Endowment. Read more.


Tom Wamsley is appointed UIC Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Senior Vice President of the University of Illinois Foundation. “UIC is a premiere public research institution that is truly proving how education should work for the world, and I am inspired by the opportunity to join in pursuing its mission,” said Tom. “Collectively, UIC’s faculty, caregivers, alumni, donors and partners are a true force for good in Chicago and around the world. I look forward to helping all of them support their passions through engagement with, advocacy for and giving to UIC.” Read more.

alumni and friends gather in washington D.C. 

The UIC Alumni Association hosted alumni and friends in Washington D.C. for a special evening of conversation and reconnecting last week. Chancellor Amiridis joined the gathering to share his vision for UIC. We are #UICProud to see such a great group of Flames get together on the East Coast. View Photos.



 alumni advise students during impact and research day

The scholarly pursuits and academic rigor of our community were on display at this year’s UIC Impact and Research Day with posters and presentations that ran the gamut. We are grateful to our alumni judges who volunteered their time and offered thoughtful input and support to our presenters. Keynote speaker Billy Branch (LAS ’74) also shared an inspiring speech on the impact UIC has made on his life. View photos.




May 30

UIC Alumni Association

Recent Alumni Career Fair


June 6

College of Business Administration

Recent Graduate Networking Event


June 11

UIC Alumni Association

All-Health Sciences Alumni Reception


August 15

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Alumni Summer Party



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