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For the week of November 9, 2020

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Virtual Language Events, Online Peer Tutoring, and Language Stories brought to you by LCLC!

Dear Faculty, Lecturers and TAs,

As we move toward the end of the semester, we're all considering what went well this semester, and what we'd like to revise for next semester.  
How did you feel about grading in Blackboard? LCLC can give you some tips about different ways to approach that efficiently and effectively.  
How did breakout sessions work for you and your students?  LCLC can give you ideas for easy ways to keep track of what all students are doing even though you can only visit one group at a time.  
Did you use Zoom or Collaborate or something else?  If you weren't satisfied, LCLC can help you test-drive something you haven't tried before.  
Did your students know each other's names by Week 11?  If not, LCLC has some suggestions about ways to get students connected through video chat outside of class.
Other challenges?  LCLC@uic.edu is here to help!  Join us M-F 9-5 via email or at our Bb site:  click here!

MY UIC LANGUAGE STORY:  Have you checked out the latest stories written by our wonderfully multilingual UIC community? To read them, and to share your own story about how the languages we speak and understand and learn, join us at LCLC Language Stories. Our most recent stories are from LCLC Peer Tutor Felipe & Luana in Classical Studies!

Success Stories: Your success stories and advice based on your experience are posted on LCLC's new webpage, Online teaching Success Stories. This week's Success Story comes from Emanuela:

"From time to time, I devoted part of the class to breakout groups where students (in English) could share their experiences during the pandemic, share strategies to cope, offer support to each other, and also share strategies to stay connected and motivated." -Emanuela Zanotti Carney, Italian language & culture

Online Teaching: What is going well for you? How are other LCSL instructors engaging students in our online classes? Visit our Online Teaching Success Stories page and share your own ideas in this short survey (we will post your ideas).

Peer tutoring is still going strong! Our apprentice tutors in German, French, Italian, and Spanish have been at work for a few weeks now, and they are eager to help your students practice speaking, writing, reading, and applying their skills!

All LCSL instructors are invited to attend the next LCSL 505 session: 3-4:45 on Friday, November 20 via Zoom. The topic will be Assessment Technology (Blackboard tests and beyond, other tools for assessment with technology, VoiceThread for speaking and presenting assessments). In this module, you will learn how to design an effective assessment that accurately measures and proactively engages students' skills while subtly yet effectively negating potential avenues by which students could cheat or "get around" the point of the assessment.

UIC LCLC social media! Encourage your students and colleagues to check out the UIC Language and Culture Learning Center Instagram and Twitter feeds. Stay up-to-date with LCLC happenings. Promoting our pages is a good way to ensure your students know about your conversation hour or language event.

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Do you have questions about online teaching?
LCLC is the place to go for advice and assistance! Visit our online helpdesk on Blackboard Collaborate, or email us at lclc@uic.edu
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LCLC Weekly Workshop: Make Flashcards and More with Quizlet
Week of November 9-13

Weekly Workshop: Quizlet
: Quizlet is a site you can use to create sets of study items that can be made into flashcards, games, quizzes, and other learning materials that help students practice particular topics. In a language course, for instance, you can make flashcard sets for vocab items, verb conjugations, and more. Stop by a workshop this week to learn more about Quizlet and practice using the site!

Click here to join the workshop as a guest during the times listed above.

Can't make the scheduled workshop times? Email us to set up a virtual meeting: lclc@uic.edu


Weekly Article:

Teaching Languages Online: Strategies and Pitfalls 

"It is really phenomenal that language students can have access to a live, native speaker from anywhere in the world, delivering a class via video, right in their own home! Online teaching has also opened up employment opportunities for teachers."

"As teachers, we should be supportive of our students’ needs, goals, and especially their interests so that they are more motivated. Learn about your students and really personalize the topics within the lessons."

Read more

Weekly events for you and your students are ONLINE
, listed below and on our calendar: lclc.uic.edu. All events at the LCLC are free and open to students of all levels (and the whole UIC community).


All events will now be hosted via Zoom or Google Meet
(Visit the event schedule on our website to find a link to join.)

Please see lclc.uic.edu for the most up-to-date schedule.

All UIC students, staff, and faculty are welcome to attend and practice their language skills.

Click a flag to view event details.


Korean Reading Club


Arabic Conversation

Spanish Conversation

English Conversation

Korean Drama Club

Arabic Reading Club

Chinese Tea Time

Piazza Italia

Arabic Conversation

Russian Conversation


French Conversation

Visit us online: https://lclc.uic.edu/

To set up an individual appointment or suggest a workshop topic, contact us at lclc@uic.edu.


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