Spanish, French, Italian, German: NEW expanded hours from now to the end of the semester. Meet our new tutors!
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March 10, 2021

 LCLC Language Peer Tutoring Spring 2021
 In the picture: 2021 UIC Language Map (center), Parc National des Cévennes (backdrop), LCLC peer tutors Paola (top-left), Kelly (top), Mary (bottom-left), and Sofiya (bottom)

Dear UIC Language Student: 

Are you ready for Spring Break but have homework, exams, presentations due this week? We have a lot of tutors ready to work with you! Expanded hours this week and for the rest of semester: meet our new tutors in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Netflix, anyone? Did you know you can learn vocabulary while watching Netflix in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and more? Find out about the *free* Chrome extension that will help you do that (scroll down!).

Fun facts of all kinds and information about Chicago-area events in German, Spanish, French, and Italian: we’ve got that on the LCLC Peer Tutoring Insta feed.  

Tutoring is all online and drop-in, so check out our schedules and click the link when you’re ready to chat with a tutor in Spanish, French, German, or Italian!

Finally, don't forget to put your multi-lingual self on the LCLC UIC Language Map! Fill out a very short form to put all the languages you speak and understand on the map. Our map celebrates the linguistic richness of the UIC community, and you can watch it blossom day by day as students, faculty, and staff represent the many languages of UIC.

Questions about peer tutoring?  Great, contact us at, and visit our website for more info.


Here’s the news from our undergraduate peer tutors:


Former LCLC Tutor Valentina explains what she loves about being a peer tutor

Alex, German Peer Tutor 
Meet Alex, one of our German peer tutors!

Hallo! I am a sophomore pursuing a double degree in Germanic Studies and Public Policy with a minor in Criminology, Law, and Justice. I am from Columbus, Ohio and I lived in the dorms on campus when I was in Chicago. I am currently living with my family in Columbus. I learned German as a child but didn’t study it in school, so my language skills were basic “child-speak”. For the last few years, I have been working on strengthening my language skills. So, I understand what it is like to be constantly working on grammar and vocabulary memorization. I am excited to share the tips I have with other German students!

 Adú film poster
3-1-2021: Megan, Spanish Peer Tutor, recommends the film Adú

Spanish (and French) students, check out Adú on Netflix: the dialogue is in both Spanish and French! Directed by Salvador Calvo (Spain, 2020), and inspired by real life events, the film tells the story of a 6-year-old boy named Adú who eventually has to end up emigrating from Cameroon to Spain, and two other intertwined stories of an animal activist and his daughter from Spain, as well as an immigration officer. This movie explores real life issues of refugees and what they have to go through, through the lens of Adú.

Click here to read Megan's full review and check out posts from other tutors!

Sophie Germain Portrait 
Click the image to view the post on our IG page! 
Sophie Germain

Sophie Germain (1776 - 1831) was a French mathematician, physician and philosopher who became interested in mathematics at 13 years old during the French Revolution because she was confined for her protection. She taught herself mathematics by going through her father's books but her family thought it was an inappropriate interest for a woman. She became a highly recognized mathematician after going against the wishes of her family and the social prejudices of the time.

Learn more about Sophie Germain here.

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 Netflix Logo

Learning vocabulary through watching films and series on Netflix: there is a free Chrome extension for that! The Language Learning Netflix (LLN) Chrome extension.

The LLN extension translates subtitles automatically. The "human" translator correctly translates idioms and produces more natural translations, and the "machine" translator does literal translations, which can help clarify sentence structures. LLN has a catalog of movies to choose from that have clear subtitles. Recommend this feature to your students to help grow their vocabulary, learn native phrases, and have a more interactive film viewing experience! Check out more about LLN here.



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