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UIC Department of Sociology
UIC Sociology Fall 2015 Newsletter
 Oktoberfest with UIC Sociology!
  • Free beer? Check.
  • Free food? Check.
  • Sociology of Beer? Check.
  • Fun with Sociology alums, faculty and students? Check.

Join us at Jak’s Tap (901 W. Jackson Blvd) on October 22nd from 5:30-7:30pm to celebrate the greatness of October! We will have beer tastings, Oktoberfest-themed appetizers, and we will hear from UIC Sociologist Dr. Paul-Brian McInerney, doctoral student Tunde Cserpes and undergraduate student Max Sullins about their new research on microbreweries. Have you ever wondered why there are so many microbreweries here in Chicago? How about Denver? With all the established breweries already in each of these cities, why would they be ideal places for microbreweries? Well, come find out! We hope you can join us for an evening of fun, fellowship and beer! RSVP to Marissa at by October 12.


Thank you for celebrating 50 Years of UIC with Us!

On August 22nd, a wonderful group of alumni, faculty and students came together to recognize the Sociology Department’s accomplishments during UIC’s first 50 years! We enjoyed great food from the neighborhoods around UIC, the historic and inspiring setting of Hull House and the opportunity to honor the many wonderful people who have made UIC Sociology what it is today. From past department heads to graduate and undergraduate alumni of the department using their sociological imaginations in amazing ways, we are so proud to call you ours!

To see more pictures from the event, find us on Facebook! Sociology Department – University of Illinois at Chicago.


Meet Maria!

This Fall, UIC Sociology is thrilled to welcome Dr. Maria Krysan as our new department Head. Dr. Krysan has been on UIC Sociology’s faculty since 2000. She has a joint appointment with the Institute of Government and Public Affairs. Maria’s research interests include racial residential segregation and racial attitudes. Maria is a founding co-director of the Chicago Area Study (CAS)—a ten year long project that provided students with the opportunity to learn research methods by doing research and faculty with funding for their research. The CAS has produced large-scale datasets, both qualitative and quantitative, on issues of importance to metropolitan Chicago. The project was inspired by Maria’s training at the University of Michigan. Through her leadership on projects such as the CAS, as well as her acting headship at UIC from 2011-2012, Maria has already had an impact on the Sociology department at UIC. We are excited about all the plans she has for the undergraduate Sociology major, continuing to build an alumni community, and encouraging academic excellence for all faculty and students in the department.

While Maria produces great work, she also loves great fun! Here are a few fun facts about Maria:

  • Maria is the FIRST Department Head of UIC Sociology who was born after UIC was born (hint hint: we are celebrating UIC’s 50th anniversary this year!)
  • Maria grew up in South Dakota and held the state’s 13-14 year old 800 meter freestyle swimming record.
  • Maria’s ties to UIC have long roots! Two of her graduate school buddies, Chiquita Collins-Fisher and Barbara Downs, are undergraduate alumnae of UIC Sociology!
  • Knowledge of Maria’s baking talents extends far and wide, but in case you didn’t know—her chocolate cookies are not to be missed!
  • Last year, Katerina, Maria’s then 7 year old daughter asked to visit an archipelago for her summer vacation. After ruling out Hawaii and the Galapagos, Maria and Katerina ended up visiting the San Juan Islands. The mother-daughter duo love to travel and have already been to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Puerto Rico together.
We want to hear about YOU!

We have really enjoyed getting to know more about our alumni over the past few years. As a diverse group of talented professionals who have gone on to do a great many things, we are so proud to call you our alumni. We also know that others would like to know about where you are and what you’re doing! Please share news such as the following with us for future newsletters:

  • Current job and how you spend your time
  • Weddings
  • Children
  • Professional Awards
  • Higher degrees

Please send information to Kirsten at