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Week of Oct. 12, 2015

Privatization of Public Infrastructure
Contact Brian Flood: (312) 996-7681 /

The government's role in dam safety has become a major issue in South Carolina. The state spends approximately $200,000 annually on the maintenance of more than 2,300 dams -- mostly privately owned. "It's privatization of public infrastructure at its most insane," says Evan McKenzie, UIC professor and head of political science. McKenzie, a licensed attorney and expert on the privatization of municipal services and governance, can discuss the privatization of public infrastructure, and "tax-phobic methods" such as TIFs and other tax breaks.

Contact Brian Flood: (312) 996-7681 /

John Hagedorn, UIC gang expert, was forced to rethink much of what he knew about gangs while writing his new book "The Insane Chicago Way."  The book covers gang culture, police corruption and organized crime. It tells the untold story of a covert 1990s plan by Chicago gangs to establish a Spanish Mafia modeled after Al Capone's organizational structure, and what led to its failure. Hagedorn, UIC professor of criminology, law and justice, can discuss the book, how the 1990's shaped the nature of gang organization today, and the lessons that can be applied for reductions in violence. 

National Disability Employment Awareness Month
Contact Jeffron Boynes: (312) 413-8702 /

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. The purpose is to educate about disability employment issues. Two UIC professors recently teamed up to create a program that helps people with disabilities find careers as entrepreneurs. The researchers are available to explain the goal of the Illinois-based training program.

13, Tuesday | Free | Call: (312) 996-6114

The award-winning poet, scholar, activist and emerging filmmaker spent five years in South Africa as an elected official in the African National Congress during the country's transition from apartheid and was also a member of the ANC's armed wing. Gallery 400, 400 S. Peoria St.

14, Wednesday | Free | Call: (312) 413--3780

"Future of Chicago" lecture series talk by Jim Edgar, former Illinois governor. Noon. Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 140, 1007 W. Harrison St. 

15, Thursday | Free | Call: (312) 413-1967

Is public transportation a business or social service? Featured speaker will be David Spacek, IDOT deputy director of Transit for Public Transportation Programs. Seminar is hosted by the UIC Urban Transportation Center. Noon - 1 p.m. Room 110, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, 412 S. Peoria St.

15, Thursday | Pay-what-you-can | Call: (312) 996-6068

The pioneering group plays music by Bach, Paul Harvey, Shostakovich, Stephen Pollock, Glenn Haynes, David Cutler and UIC's José Oliver Riojas. Michael Stephenson, soprano saxophone; Chris Hemingway, alto saxophone; Stephen Pollock, tenor saxophone; Drew Hays, baritone saxophone. 7:30 p.m. Recital Hall L285, Education, Theatre, Music and Social Work Building, 1044 W. Harrison St.

17, Saturday| Pay-what-you-can | Call: (312) 996-6068

A world premiere by composer James Syler forms the centerpiece of this wind ensemble performance conducted by José Oliver Riojas. The ensemble will be joined by the New Century Saxophone Quartet to play Bernstein, Ticheli, Syler and Ives. 7:30 p.m. UIC Theatre, 1044 W. Harrison St

"Gangs, Organized Crime and Corruption"
19, Monday | Free | Call: (312) 996-8700

John Hagedorn, gang expert and UIC professor of criminology, law and justice, discusses his latest book, "The Insane Chicago Way: The Daring Plan by Chicago Gangs to Create a Spanish Mafia." 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Room 110, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, 412 S. Peoria St.

"STOP THE HATE! ReActing Through Community Organizing"
20, Tuesday | Free | Call: (215) 847-0782

Film screening and panel discussion on hate crime prevention. Short films featured are "A Prosecutor's Stand" and "Waking in Oak Creek." 3 - 5:30 p.m. James Stukel Towers Auditorium, 718 W. Rochford St. Advanced registration is encouraged online.

21, Wednesday | Free | Call: (312) 413-3780

"Future of Chicago" lecture series talk by Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, Cook County Commissioner. Noon. Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 140, 1007 W. Harrison St.