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Office of Community Relations
Around the UIC Campus-- A Monthly Newsletter March 2016

    By Sharon Parmet

    Scientists looking for environmental and occupational health risks are less likely to find them if they have a financial tie to firms that make, use, or dispose of industrial and commercial products, a University of Illinois at Chicago researcher has found.  Read More

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    By Daniel P. Smith

    Chicago: a city built and rebuilt on bold, daring visions. That civic legacy is informing much of Chancellor Michael Amiridis’ vision for UIC. Since joining the University a year ago, Amiridis has met with some 3,000 people on campus and more than 500 community members in a quest to understand the expectations and perceptions of UIC, and to discover ways in which it can cement its standing among the nation’s elite public institutions.   Read More

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    By Jeffron Boynés

    Students throughout UIC are volunteering after-school hours to teach math and writing to elementary students in neighborhoods near UIC. These aren’t student teachers working toward an education degree. These tutors are students from any of UIC’s 15 colleges, volunteering in a one-semester pilot program called UIC ENGAGE. Read More

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